Pharmaceutical Testing

Pharmaceutical Testing

What is pharmaceutical testing?

With human evolution, we have faced many diseases. With that, we are able to create new treatments for all of them. It definitely takes some time. It is factual that before getting treatment, many people lost their lives. We don’t have to go far, just take the example of COVID-19. After this pandemic started, millions of people lost their lives. But recently, because of advanced technology and modern science, experts were able to create vaccines against it. In order to make those vaccines available for all people, manufacturers had done pharmaceutical tests. Thus, pharmaceutical testing is the procedure to check the efficiency and effects of any newly developed medical equipment, medicines, vaccines, etc. in the lab among a certain number of individuals. It is also known as “Clinical Trials.” 

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What are the problems with pharmaceutical testing?

Recently, pharmaceutical testing has been a deep concern because of the use of animals. Animal rights activists around the world are raising their voices against the use of animals for pharmaceutical testing purposes. In the lab, animals with almost the same genetical characteristics as humans are taken and done clinical trials of newly developed medicines to see the outcomes. During this period, many animals are found dead because of the side effects. Even though now humans are participating in clinical trials, it is too risky. And in some cases, there is a lack of modern technology to undergo safe and efficient pharmaceutical tests. 

How to overcome these problems?

Firstly, avoiding the use of animals for the tests would be significant. Even if it is needed, we can undergo it in a safe manner. In the case of minimum risks, human participation must be taken. With the development of new medicines, vaccines, medical equipment, new technologies must be innovated in order to do thorough research and studies. All lab facilities providing pharmaceutical tests must be accredited by the concerned authorities and regulations. Following Governmental policies, every test must be done with permission and required safety measures. Modern science and technology play a vital role in this sector. 

Australia has different policies and regulations on pharmaceutical testings. In order to provide the highest standards of health, all drugs and medical equipment must be validated by TGA, NATA accredited labs, and AS/NZS ISO 9001. These are the government bodies working to ensure drug safety. 

About our Pharmaceutical testing services

Analytical RnD is NATA accredited under ISO/IEC 170025 and OECD GLP. From us, you can get all the required pharmaceutical testing services. We work in accordance with government policies and our results match the highest standard possible. We have our own lab facility, experts, and modern technologies working in the field for more than 10 years. Our priority is to provide health safety to all Australian people. Our clients are also able to export the medicines and medical equipment after conducting tests from us. To know more about our pharmaceutical testing procedures, Contact Us.