Food Testing

Food Testing

What is Food testing?

The procedure to determine all the components present on the food and also eradicate any microorganisms present on the food is called food testing. It should be done in a laboratory facility authorized by NATA. This process helps to improve the food quality and ensure food safety for all consumers. Consumers always have different concerns related to their food. Some of them are:

  • What are the constituents of my food?
  • Are any preservatives added to my food?
  • Are any harmful chemicals added to my food?
  • Is it of the right standard matching my nutritional requirements? 

The answers to all these above questions can be given with proper food testing. All manufacturers must-do food testing prior to taking their products onto the market. A label must be attached with the food package for consumers to know about the food components and any allergens contained. Firstly, a microbiological test should be done to identify and eradicate any harmful microorganisms present in the food. After that, a nutritional analysis should be carried on to identify the nutrition of the food. Nutritional values must be labeled on the package. And, after thorough research and analysis, the product is ready for the consumers. 

Here at Analytical RnD, we provide you with the best food testing services. Our aim is to meet our client’s expectations and ensure food safety for consumers. We are NATA accredited and have field experience of more than 10 years. If you want to know more about our food testing procedure, Contact Us