Soil Analysis

Soil test

The relationship between humans and soils is as old as human existence. We rely on soil for our livelihood. Soil plays a significant role in human evolution. Not only humans, but other living organisms are also dependent on soil. Biodiversity wouldn’t be possible without soil. Here at Analytical RnD, we examine soils to know the composition and analyze them to find out different applications. 

Because of rapid urbanization and modernization, there is a need for more households development. In order to do that, we should make sure that the soil on that land site is good enough to build the house or not. Also, for agriculture purposes, we need to undergo soil tests to find out what types of products we can cultivate on that soil. A complete soil analysis will provide you with all necessary information about soil composition. 

Under NATA Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025, we do a variety of research and tests on soil.

  • Conductivity and Resistivity 
  • Foreign Material Testing
  • pH
  • Particle Size Distribution 
  • Leachate Analysis
  • Soil moisture
  • Texture
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Agricultural Tests
  • Amosite Asbestos
  • Chrysotile Asbestos
  • Crocidolite Asbestos
  • Nutrients
  • SPOCAS suite (Suspension Peroxide Oxidation Combined Acidity and Sulfur)
  • SCR suite (Chromium Reducible Sulfur)
Consider us for your Soil Analysis Requirements

Our priority is to provide you with the best results. We aim to meet the client’s expectations and industry requirements. We work in accordance with the suitability of clients and regulations. We have an analytical team doing required research and studies prior to the analysis. Our specialized staff has experience of more than 10 years. Modern technology and methodology are our capabilities.

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