Food Integrity

Here at Analytical RnD, we offer the best possible experiments for the quality improvement of your products. We will help you with brand protection and manage risk with supply chain solutions.

Quality food demand is rising and people are aware of the importance of healthy foods. Thus,  we have a toolkit solution to do risk assessments like TACCP and VACCP. 

Food chart
Our Food integrity Services:
  • DNA fingerprinting method for Basmati rice and Thai rice authenticity

  • DNA sequencing to determine fish species
  • DNA sequencing on seafood species
  • Dairy products authenticity using DNA fingerprint for species in milk and cheese
  • Fats and Oils authenticity using NMR profiling
  • NMR profiling screen tests for dairy products
  • Multi-isotope analysis, compositional analysis for fruit juice authenticity
  • Speciation of meat and meat products using DNA fingerprints
  • Multi-isotope analysis for vinegar authenticity

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