Allergens and GMO

Genetically Modified organisms (GMO) based foods are known to be having allergenic effects on the human body. Here at Analytical RnD, we have two comprehensive suites of ELISA and PCR-based tests to determine the presence of food allergens. After identifying them, we will do verification and claim them and label it. 

Since the need for mandatory GMO tests, we use the advanced methodology to assist our client with an allergen monitoring program. We provide all required tests and procedures. 

Our Allergen and GMO tests

ELISA Assays

Almond, Brazil Nut, β-lactoglobulin, Casein, Cashew, Coconut, Crustacean, Egg, Gluten, Hazelnut, Lupin, Mustard, Peanut, Sesame, Soy, Walnut, Many more.

PCR Assays

Fish, Mollusc, Triple Screen GMO, Canola Screen GMO 

sea food and GMO

Consider us for Allergen and GMO tests on your food products.