Food Safety

With the motto, “Health is wealth”, Food safety has become a major concern nowadays. With the increasing demand for healthy food, manufacturers are trying to produce more healthy and quality food in a short period of time. Since the food industry is competitive, everyone wants their products to be the best. Thus, food safety can never be compromised. All types of food either daily or RTE or diet supplements must have a proper amount of nutrition. They must be of the highest possible food standards. 

Food Testing

Different policies are made to make sure people will get healthy foods. Authorities are tracking the food quality in the market. If the food quality doesn’t match the standard, the manufacturer will be penalized. Thus, food safety tests and analyses are always important. Nutritional labeling, vitamins, and minerals identification, energy labeling, etc are the major factors not to be missed. Going through laboratory procedures, we can get all the necessary information about the food and its composition. Moreover, food safety procedures will help in the eradication of microorganisms like food bacteria, food spoilage organisms, and also it will determine the shelf life of the foods.

Analytical RnD has been working with many Australian food manufacturers to ensure their food safety. If you are a food manufacturer or retailer, Contact Us for your food safety analysis. 

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