Drug Safety

What is drug safety?

The procedure to ensure both positive and negative impacts of any medicines prior to taking them onto the markets is called drug safety. According to WHO, “Drug safety has become a major concern that every drug manufacturer must undergo the tests and analysis to ensure consumers safety”. In the market, we can see similar types of medicines and take them. But, we don’t know what effects it might cause. It is the consumer’s responsibility to take any medication only with a proper prescription from a doctor. 

Because of manufacturers’ lack of investment in the consumer’s safety, we have seen many consequences. One of the major consequences is death. Thus, it is the responsibility of concerned authorities to ensure drug safety. For manufacturers, they can do drug safety tests on a NATA-approved lab facility. With these tests done, we will be able to know the impacts that might be caused by drugs on consumers. Thus, to avoid any negative impacts, a drug safety test is the best possible solution. 

Here at Analytical RnD, we are NATA accredited and have our own lab facility to do all required drug safety tests. We have highly-qualified staff and modern technology to provide you with the best results. We aim to meet our client’s expectations and ensure consumers’ safety. If you want to know more about our drug safety tests, Contact Us.

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