Clinical Analysis

Analytical RnD is well experienced with preclinical clinical sample analysis. These include blood plasma and urine extraction, followed by LC-MS/MS high sensitivity analysis. A proficient preclinical partner facilitating drug discovery research with expertise in pK analysis and bio equivalence studies.

Benchmarking quality through NATA accreditation for OED GLP and ISO 17025 certified facility for leveraging global data acceptability.

Analytical RnD adds value through reliability, quality, time management and cost-effectiveness.

Our staff has experience in developing novel analytical techniques and methods in clinical research for some of the key projects include:

  • Characterisation of drugs and their metabolite using high resolution mass spectrometry.
  • Pharmacokinetic studies for  anticancer drugs; Steroids; steroid conjugates; Vitamin D in Plasma, Serum, and Dried blood sports
  • Development of a novel analytical technique for the determination of Pregannediol-3-glucuronide in dried urine spots as indicator for accurate determination of ovulation in women.
  • NDMA in pharmaceuticals.
    Dexamethasone in medical devices.
  • Bisphenol-A and other leachables in medical devices.
  • Cannabinoids testing, including THC, CBD, THCA-A, CBN in plasma, formulations such as creams, oils, etc.
  • Veterinary pharmaceutical such as antibiotics and anthelmintics in tissues, plasma and serum.